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Z07 City_State_Zip Text String
B03 Full Name
Z05 Celebrant Text String
Z02 Create New User Account
Z06 Client Relaton to Event Text String
Z03 Event_Contracts_Requests
EVENT 2::A04 Event ID#
A2 DASHBOARD 2::A1 DJ Company ID#
Z50 Current Record
Z51 Records Found
USER 3::A2 User Email ID#
Z09 Duplicate Client Found
C16 Promotion Code
Z00 Empty Field 1
Z01 Error Message Text String
B01 First Name
B02 Last Name
B04 Address
B05 City
B06 State
B07 Zip
B08 Telephone
Z00 Empty Field 2
F01 Coordinator First Name
F02 Coordinator Last Name
F03 Coordinator Address
F04 Coordinator City
F05 Coordinator State
F06 Coordinator Zip
F07 Coordinator Telephone
B10 Classification
B11 Business Name
F08 Coordinator Email
G01 Client Registered
G02 Client Activated
G03 Client Privilege Set
G04 Client Password
C13 Attendees
C11 Event Location
C03 Month
C04 Day
C05 Year
C06 Date
C09 Start Time
C10 End Time
C08 Setup Time
A6 Registration Status
C12 Event Address
C07 Days Remaining
Z08 Event Description Text String
C13 Contact Client
C14 Contact Client Status
D05 Coordinator Name
D06 Coordinator Business Name
D03 Do You Have A Coordinator
Z00 Empty Field 4
Wedding Service 1 Status
Party Service 1 Status
Party Service 2 Status
Party Service 3 Status
Party Service 4 Status
Party Service 5 Status
Party Service 6 Status
Wedding Service 2 Status
Wedding Service 3 Status
Wedding Service 4 Status
Wedding Service 5 Status
Wedding Service 6 Status
Wedding Service 1
Wedding Service 2
Wedding Service 3
Wedding Service 4
Wedding Service 5
Wedding Service 6
Party Service 1
Party Service 2
Party Service 3
Party Service 4
Party Service 5
Party Service 6
Wedding Service 1 ID#
Party Service 1 ID#
Party Service 2 ID#
Party Service 3 ID#
Party Service 4 ID#
Party Service 5 ID#
Party Service 6 ID#
Wedding Service 2 ID#
Wedding Service 3 ID#
Wedding Service 4 ID#
Wedding Service 5 ID#
Wedding Service 6 ID#
Wedding Service 1 Code
Party Service 1 Code
Party Service 2 Code
Party Service 3 Code
Party Service 4 Code
Party Service 5 Code
Party Service 6 Code
Wedding Service 2 Code
Wedding Service 3 Code
Wedding Service 4 Code
Wedding Service 5 Code
Wedding Service 6 Code
Wedding Service 1 Price
Party Service 1 Price
Party Service 2 Price
Party Service 3 Price
Party Service 4 Price
Party Service 5 Price
Party Service 6 Price
Wedding Service 2 Price
Wedding Service 3 Price
Wedding Service 4 Price
Wedding Service 5 Price
Wedding Service 6 Price
Wedding Service 1 Picture
Wedding Service 2 Picture
Wedding Service 3 Picture
Wedding Service 4 Picture
Wedding Service 5 Picture
Wedding Service 6 Picture
Wedding Service 1 Picture Info
Wedding Service 2 Picture Info
Wedding Service 3 Picture Info
Wedding Service 4 Picture Info
Wedding Service 5 Picture Info
Wedding Service 6 Picture Info
Party Service 1 Picture
Party Service 1 Picture Info
Party Service 2 Picture
Party Service 2 Picture Info
Party Service 3 Picture
Party Service 3 Picture Info
Party Service 4 Picture
Party Service 4 Picture Info
Party Service 5 Picture
Party Service 5 Picture Info
Party Service 6 Picture
Party Service 6 Picture Info
D01 Brides Name
D02 Grooms Name
D07 Ceremony Location
D09 Wedding Event Description
D10 Client Relation To Wedding
D08 Ceremony Start Time
Z00 Empty Field 5
E01 Party Event Description
E02 Party Celebrant
E03 Client Relation To Party
Q01 Have you ever hired a DJ
Q02 How important is it for you to have an experienced DJ
Q03 DJ To Get Guests Dancing
Q05 Dj to Assist with Music
Z00 Empty Field 7
Q06 Comments
ACTIVITY LOG 4::D1 Activity Description ACTIVITY LOG 4::A7 Creation Timestamp
Z00 Empty Field 8
A1 DJ Company ID#
A2 Client Email ID#
A4 Event ID#
A7 Creation Timestamp
Z00 Empty Field 9
A3 Coordinator Email ID#
A5 Registration ID#
Z01 Error 01
Z01 Error 02
Z01 Error 03
Z01 Error 04
Z01 Error 05
Z01 Error 06
Z01 Error 07
Z01 Error 08
Z01 Error 09
Z01 Error 10
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