Wedding Ceremony Music $325
Our goal is to provide your wedding ceremony with the best sounding audio system.
No hissing or feedback just pure clarity. Part of that goal is to make our setup as discreet
and invisible as we possibly can. We don't want for our speakers and mixing equipment
to end up in your wedding photos. Your guests are there to see you, not us!
Wedding Ceremony Music Features

Music is provided for the entire ceremony, before during and after. The service will conclude
20 minutes after the end of your ceremony or contract time whichever comes first.

Music requests for all parts of the ceremony can be made online through a web account that
we create for you when you request for a proposal. Music requests need to be completed
1 week before your wedding date.

Included free with the Ceremony Package is a Wired Microphone for the officiant.

Time of Service
This duration of this package is for 1 1/2 hours or until the end of your ceremony program whichever
comes first. The hours of service begin at the start of our ceremony service. We arrive on site for setup
45 minutes prior to the start time of your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony / Additional Options
Wireless Microphone $50
Upgrade to a wireless microphone! It provides a clean and professional look for your ceremony. It also provides easy access for locations that would be difficult
to reach with a wired microphone.
Violin Quartets, Harpists and Soloists $75
We can provide microphones and instrument hookupsfor violin quartets, harpists and soloists. Just have the entertainers contact us ahead of time so we can have the correct equipment available for them.